Bild Design is an assembly of independent architects, designers and fabricators—each with their own portfolio of experience and talent—that come together to collaborate on built form. Bild projects are a combination of ideas and explorations that focus on ground: how form receives and reacts to its context and surrounds; space: ways to configure and construct layered spatial experiences; and assembly: means and methods for joining various parts.

Recent Bild work includes a variety of new construction and renovation, residential and commercial projects that often investigate an approach towards regional remediation. This work represents Pre-Hurricane Katrina concerns related to domestic vertical growth, the relationship of the occupant to the ground, and post-storm responses to extended contextual relationships with the water. To varying degree, each project is influenced by and aims to address the needs of a culture struggling with issues of decay, economic shortage, and preservation within a framework of the issues of salvage, integration and progress.