Since its foundation in Germany in the early 1920s, Braun has been a leader in producing consumer products that are focused on functional design. Braun’s product line can be characterized by innovative technologies, distinctive minimalist design, quality, and durability. Dieter Rams, a prominent Braun industrial designer for over thirty years, coined the phrase, “Less, but Better,” and that sentiment is echoed in all of Braun’s products, from watches to radios. Rams revolutionized industrial design by designing products that were enduring, both aesthetically and functionally, like his iconic SK4 Record Player. While designing at Braun, Rams worked closely with fellow industrial designer Dietrich Lubs, and together they designed Braun’s classic range of alarm clocks. Braun is a consistent award-winning company, including recent Red Dot and iF product design awards. Today, many original pieces appear in museums all over the world, including the MoMA in New York.