Chroma Lab is Alicia Cornwell and Tony Bevilacqua, two people who love producing and living with colorful, modern furniture and home accessories in Boston. Tony is a very tall native Bostonian who worked as a fine artist and decorative painter for seven years after receiving his painting degree. Alicia is a medium-sized Texan art historian who moved to Boston to experience winter and tour old houses.

In 2008 we began transforming neglected but promising pieces of furniture by repairing and repainting them for ourselves and for our friends. It was a lot of fun, and it turns out other people like vibrant and repurposed furniture and accessories, too. We started Chroma Lab for anyone whose home needs a shot (or a lot) of pick-me-up color in the form of high quality furniture and unique, hand crafted clocks, lamps, and home accessories. Please check Chroma Lab’s site and portfolio often, since we are always working on something new.

We can't do it all by ourselves, so Chroma Lab has a small staff: our style consultant is Maddie, a tortoiseshell kitty with discriminating taste; our quality control agent is fastidious tortoiseshell kitty Sophie; our studio assistant is whippet collie pup Cassie.