Cow&Co. is an international online design superstore delivering new, unique & vintage items & gifts straight to your door.

We are passionate about well-designed wares and beautiful contemporary crafts. We place particular emphasis on supporting emerging designers, that’s why our online store is filled with original pieces designed and made by the artisans themselves. We are always on the lookout for interesting new pieces and items we want. Our journey has only just begun.

We’ve tried to make your shopping experience as simple and design-friendly as possible, all our products are displayed on our home page, you can sort this into subcategories (found along the top) if you want to be more specific. If you see something you like click more info, or add it straight into your basket. When you’re ready, go to the checkout and make your purchase by filling out a small form, you’ll then get taken to our secure merchant account powered by PayPal, and then a valuable part of our friendly team, Royal Mail will negotiate all weather, terrains and exhuberent pets (we’re pet lovers too!) to ensure your Cow&Co parcel arrives safely to your door.

If you’ve seen something that you would like us to stock then please email and tell us at hello@cowandco.co.uk, if we decide to stock it then we’ll send you a little thank you in the post, unless of course a thousand people suggested the same thing, then we’ll pick a few people at random.

We’re a friendly bunch and always available for a chat so if you want to know more about us or just want to find out why orange jam is called marmalade then get in touch!