Dijital Fix was founded in 2006 by and for people who grew tired of the major chain stores and their lack of attention to quality, design and style. We opened our first store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in December with the intent to combine fashion, design and electronics together in an environment not only for geeks but for everyone.

We do our best every day scouring for the world’s best designers and companies for the latest products in all categories ranging from home audio, headphones and toys, to unique design accessories ranging from watches to wallets and our inventory is constantly being updated.

Dijital Fix is the first store in NYC to combine these elements together under one roof and in June 2008 we opened our webstore to bring our selection to those who haven’t yet ventured to Williamsburg to see our store.

Coming soon is a whole new array of products and services, and a store twice the size, so make sure to check us out after March 1st!