Droog started in 1993, as a statement on design, a no-nonsense, down to earth design mentality opposed to the high style and form based world of design. In contrast, Droog proposed a highly conceptual approach, one captured by the Dutch word ‘droog’ meaning ‘dry’ or ‘wry’. Co-founded and directed by curator and author Renny Ramakers, design company Droog creates cutting edge products, projects and events around the world in collaboration with designers, clients and partners. Droog is situated in the heart of Amsterdam—at Hôtel Droog, the newly opened hospitality experience that has turned the hotel concept upside down. At Hôtel Droog you’ll find shops including the Droog store, a gallery and café and tearoom, and even the-one-and-only bedroom. Infamous classics, like ‘A chest of drawers’ and ‘85 lamps’ redefined notions of luxury and design, and have impacted design internationally.