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Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space.

-Ludwig Mies van der Rohe


At its best, modern architecture is a way of believing in the present day. It’s a way of life that is hopeful and engaged.
By launching a new division called Dwell Homes™, we hope to make it easier to find great modern residences by talented architects.
The Dwell Homes website at dwellhomes.com lists, showcases, and sells only modern architecture that has earned the “Dwell Certified” distinction from our team of experts. Some of the homes are amazing as is, some may need a little modern care (we can help!). But to us, all of these homes have integrity, are thoughtful–and are “Dwell.”



Dwell Homes is powered by LIVE INTERNATIONAL | Real Estate! LLC – a Los Angeles-based, privately held real estate firm and marketing agency specializing in modern-home sales around the globe.  Through LIVE INTERNATIONAL | Real Estate’s exclusive network of professional realtors, Dwell Homes brings modern-home buying and selling into the hands of every buyer or seller globally through an interactive real estate marketing website and customized sales process.