Ethimo's deep passion for the garden is also the story of a family that has been closely linked to the world of outdoors and gardens for over 30 years. It all started towards the end of the seventies with an exciting business venture that led to the creation and diffusion, first in Italy and then in the rest of Europe, of an outdoor living culture with style and elegance, meant as a natural extension of the home's interior spaces. This was followed by the creation of the Moutan Botanical Centre, a single-theme garden with a myriad of colours, home to the world's biggest collection of peonies. A 14-hectare park, with over 230,000 plants of 600 different varieties.

The first pieces of the future collection of garden furniture were conceived to welcome the many visitors and were devised, designed and produced by drawing inspiration from the colours of the peonies and the spring blooms. The company is today headed by the founding family together with a management team that has gathered in-depth experience in the production and sales of top-end outdoor furnishings, for both the residential and the hospitality market.

Ethimo merges contemporary trends and reworked classic shapes. The designs offer essential yet welcoming solutions, with a discretion and personality that make them ideal for both green areas and urban settings. Nature and environment are the source of inspiration for the development of Ethimo's collections. Drawing explicitly on the hues and elements of Italian landscapes and deep colours of the Mediterranean, Ethimo designs are not only environmentally friendly, they are true oases of relaxation.