Building upon our long history of custom fabrication, Forms+Surfaces brings unparalleled engineering and manufacturing capabilities to a vast range of innovative standard product lines. Dynamic, large-scale plants on both East and West coasts of the United States benefit from the world’s finest technologies, materials and craftsmen. Our versatile facilities utilize every tool available to achieve success—no matter what the size or scope of the project.

With so many manufacturing options to choose from, Forms+Surfaces provides a whole new vocabulary for design expression. Materials, patterns and finishes from our extensive palette can be mixed and matched across product groups, creating unrivaled opportunities for cohesive design. And, in stride with our clients, we are constantly evolving. Our products are based on easily configurable systems—each draws on the benefits of what is tried and true, yet can be tailored to suit the aesthetic and performance needs of any environment. The result: a remarkable breadth of durable, interrelated solutions for public spaces.

Design. Engineering. Manufacturing. Project management. Multifaceted projects require an array of talents. Imagine the ease and value of working with a single source. Forms+Surfaces ties it all together with a commitment to uncompromising standards and direct support worldwide.

The story of Forms+Surfaces centers around the union of two world-renowned manufacturers: Cornelius Architectural Products, a leader in the arena of custom architectural elements; and Forms+Surfaces, a company long known for its innovative standard products.