Holiday Matinee is a blog for creative inspiration. We’re all about spreading positive vibes to the masses and connecting with anyone who’s committed to making this world more awesome. Since 1999, Holiday Matinee has obsessed over people, projects and ideas that inspire us. We live by the motto, “Love your work. Work your love.”

Aside from publishing a daily blog, we design our own line of products and organize super fun events that bring together creative people. We’re big on creating pop-up stores and speaking at schools, companies or even bar mitzvahs. And we’ve been known to light a creative spark under a number of brands you know and love. Our formula is simple: we only partner with people, projects and revolutions we give a damn about. Then we go to work. Give us a shout if you’ve got a question, tip for the site or just want to gush about how badass Hank Moody is.

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Like most kids raised Jewish, there was no single day filled with more boredom than Christmas. While friends were opening presents, I ate Chinese food and played cards with my family. During high school I started taking my Grandmother to see a matinee during Christmas. It was typically an over-the-top blockbuster but it was fun and has become tradition ever since.