Composed of a collective of dynamic architects, KANVA is a young architectural firm whose work is at the forefront of thinking, imagining, drawing and constructing in Montreal and beyond. Their big ideas, gestures and approach to contemporary issues have gained local, national and international attention. KANVA is the recipient of the prestigious Award of Excellence for Innovation in Architecture by the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada for their mixed-use residential project Irene. Recently they won  the international competition hosted by Space for Life to re-design the Biôdome for Montreal’s 375th anniversary.

With over ten years of experience designing a range of project types, including student housing, large-scale public art installations, mixed-use buildings, corporate and public spaces, KANVA treats each project as an opportunity to transform the built environment through story-telling. Each project is engaging, memorable and responsive to human experience and contemporary culture. KANVA regularly collaborates with artists, musicians or relevant creators to conduct interdisciplinary research to maximize the innovation potential of a project.

As young visionaries of the profession, KANVA participates in the academic environment, mentoring Master students and critiquing numerous presentations, while also engaging in design conferences, festivals and outreach programs.