Born into a family of draftsmen, tradesmen and carpenters, Kevin—a principal at Seattle-based First Lamp—represents the fifth generation in his family that has earned a living through the design and construction of residential architecture. He began working on homes during summers in high school, and later his architectural education at Texas Tech taught him to combine the acts of drawing and building in order to deepen the creative and functional integrity of a home. 

His work is characterized by a strong emphasis on materials, detailing, proportion, and a sober sense of material and energy efficiency.  Completion of his Master Degree program in 2002 included travel and architectural study in Italy.  Throughout his education and career, he has worked on the design and construction of over 80 homes in Texas, Colorado, and Washington State.  

Kevin is a LEED AP certified Architect and a member of the Seattle Chapter of the AIA. He actively pursues oil painting, woodworking, and fatherhood.