Meridian 105 is a professional architecture and design studio based in Denver, Colorado USA.  The firm was founded in 2010 by Chad Mitchell.  Chad was born in Albany, NY but moved to Florida at a young age, growing up on the beaches of the West coast before studying at the  University of Florida (Bachelor of Design 1996, Master of Arch 1998) in Gainesville.  After graduate school, Chad worked as a designer and Project Architect at Helmut Jahn's office in Chicago for 6 years, providing professional services for several large scale commercial and residential developments in the US, Germany, and Asia. At Jahn's office, Chad was the Project Architect in charge of the State Street Village student dorms at the campus of IIT.  In 2005, Chad relocated to Denver, where he practiced as an Associate with OZ Architecture, working with corporate and private developers in the design of mid-to-large scale Residential and Commercial Mixed Use projects.   

In 2010, Chad broke out and started Meridian 105.   In this role Chad enjoys the influence that comes with working directly with Clients and the responsibility that comes with guiding their vision through the creative process.   Under his direction, Meridian 105 pursues projects with a bold vision and the courage to step outside of the norm, delivering projects that are truly unique and one of a kind.

The work of Meridian 105 has been featured in several publications both domestic and internationally. The firm works directly with the Owners and Principals of private development firms, guiding a process that includes evaluation, design, and construction administration of Commercial Mixed Use and Multi-Family projects.