Born in Tours in 1969, Patrick Norguet studied at the Industrial Design High School in Paris. In 2000, Norguet began his own design studio, ranging from industrial product design to architectural designs. His work is characterized by a constant thrive to find new, exciting techniques to apply on his assignments. Norguet sees design as an encounter with a manufacturer who shapes creative intent with technical, economic constraints and the expectations of a user he hopes to seduce discreetly, yet lastingly. His designs synthesize French elegance and Scandinavian sobriety. In his search for perennial and delicate archetypes he refers both to the Nordic identity privileging comfort, softness, nuances and the everyday life as well as the French design history turned towards innovation, the industry and its fabrication process. Always drawing inspiration from his surroundings, Norguet aims to create products whose relevance and modernity will withstand the test of time. Norguet currently lives and works in Paris.