Tuomas Siitonen is an architect and graphic designer based in Helsinki, Finland. He is formally educated in architecture and graphic design, with experience ranging from concepts to hands-on crafting. Tomas Siitonen Ltd. was founded in 2010. Before launching his own company Tuomas has been working on design projects for institutions, cities, companies and private persons in various companies. He has been a partner at Part., an office specialized in public space and participation (2008-2010), and M41LH2, a workgroup/think-tank (2001-2006). He has also been a proud member of Anteeksi design collective since 2002. Besides these collaborations he has experience of working as an employee: as a project architect for Tuomo Siitonen architects on Studio Widnäs among other projects, as a project architect for Heikkinen-Komonen architects on Villa Frida and as an intern at MetaDesign in Berlin. Tuomas honors smallness, collaboration and flexibility over bigness. To strengthen his own competencies he has a network of collaborators in urban design, landscape design, graphic design and lighting design. In addition to running his company he lectures at the Faculty of Architecture of Aalto University. He has also been invited to give talks and host workshops in Finland and abroad. One of his personal passions and object of love – and sometimes frustration –  is the city of Helsinki. Tuomas has been arranging events and parties, planning temporary uses and urban interventions, researching the city on a theoretical level and writing articles in order to make Helsinki more open and enjoyable.