City Living

October 2013,
Vol. 13
Issue 10
October 2013 issue Dwell Magazine
ascalon vases

Designer Focus: Brad Ascalon

As commissions for new furniture and lighting roll in, third-generation designer Brad Ascalon carries on the family tradition.

starry night light installation

One Family Looks to the Stars Every Night

A celestial light installation illuminates the garage door of a recently renovated Toronto house.

nigel peake illustration

In the City by Nigel Peake

“I begin to know a city through its fragments, walking below tall buildings, along facades of signs, doors, and windows, crossing without knowing from one district to the next, down busy streets and…

jack lenor larsen portrait

Q&A with Textile Designer Jack Lenor Larsen

We chat with the masterful weaver, textile designer, and gardener whose global aesthetic continues to reverberate and influence today’s interiors.

reinventing fargo doug burgum outside

Green Planning in North Dakota

Amid the tall grasses and open skies of the Great Plains, forward-thinking urban planning ideas take root in North Dakota.

car talk smart smartfortwo

6 Urban Cars We Love

Vehicle manufacturers wise up to the demands of urban dwellers.

top of the hill full view

Historic Housing Complex Transformation in England

In Sheffield, England, a historic housing complex is transformed from a city nuisance into a budding neighborhood.

big reveal living room 3

Blockbuster Movies Can't Compete with These Monumental Views

Architect Isay Weinfeld creates an epic home in São Paulo.

the green light

Green Car Buying Advice

Ron Cogan, editor and publisher of Green Car Journal, dispenses buying advice for the latest fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly models.

chandigarh palace of assembly  2

The City of Chandigarh by Le Corbusier

Los Angeles architect Linda Taalman made a rare visit to Le Corbusier’s fraught masterpiece, the capitol complex of the city of Chandigarh.

paris match atrium

Modern High-Design Pied-à-Terre in Paris

For Felix Claus, a 1930s rental apartment is more than an idyllic pied-à-terre—it’s an architectural gem that requires reverence and careful tending.

sou fujimoto, tokyo, apartment building

Architect We Love: Sou Fujimoto

With his experimental buildings, the Tokyo-based architect is creating a new breed of hybrid design.

larsens greatest hits louis kahn

Jack Lenor Larsen's Greatest Hits

To accompany our profile on the iconic textile designer in Dwell's October 2013 issue, we rounded up a few hits from the Larsen design archives.

laybourne residence exterior high

Eye in the Sky: Urban Apartment Overlooking NYC's The High Line

An apartment overlooking the High Line in New York City captures views of a constantly changing urban landscape.

hai life facade  2

Modern High-Rise Town House in Tel Aviv

Six stories high, crowned with a pool, and with a direct lineage back to the Bauhaus, a new town house in Tel Aviv manages to both embrace and provide refuge from the teeming Israeli city.

shanghai surprise stairs

Modern Lilong House Renovation in Shanghai

Seeking a stronger connection with his adopted city, Edoardo Allegranti revamps a lilong house in China’s bustling municipality.

birds eye view landscape

Nelson Byrd Woltz Harnesses the Natural Elements

The landscape architecture firm carves out a vertical garden for a New York City residence and, in the process, creates a nest for its human and avian inhabitants.

concept privacy four eyes house exterior

Design Tips for Privacy

As the lines between our public and personal lives become increasingly blurry, designers are helping redefine privacy for the 21st century.

privacy 1

Design Tips for Privacy: Solutions to Common Issues

To further explore privacy in the modern world, we present three common problems—from noise to peeping neighbors—and a fleet of products to solve your woes.

pillow by joel karlsson

Design Tips for Privacy: Helpful Products Part One

From sound absorbing acoustic wall tiles to geometric white oak screens, here is a set of five products to increase privacy at home and in the office.

ronan and erwan bouroullec

Pay Attention in History Class and Design like the Masters

Take a lesson from these collaborations between academic institutions and design greats.

read made curtain

Design Tips for Privacy: Helpful Products Part Two

From a lightweight synthetic curtain to a recycled modular nomad system, here are five more pieces of furniture that will guarantee privacy.