Indoor Outdoor

April 2013,
Vol. 13
Issue 05
howeler yoon garden

Secret Garden

In Arlington, Virginia, architecture firm Höweler + Yoon contends with spatial and budgetary constraints to carve a microcourtyard, complete with Japanese maples and a cascading concrete fountain, in…

houses we love bach to nature

Bach to Nature

Two doctors wanted their typical New Zealand home to function as simply as it looks.

dw0413 modw 36

Charles Birnbaum on the Future of Landscape Architecture

Charles Birnbaum, founder and president of the Cultural Landscape Foundation, makes the case that historical preservationists are finally waking up to the glories of modernist landscape architecture.

facade focus haunted house

Surrealist Architecture: Synagogue de Delme in France

Sculpture meets architecture in the surrealist facade of the Synagogue de Delme visitors center in northeastern France.

doomed dome london dome of discovery

Prefab Icon: Dome of Discovery by Ralph Tubbs

With a life span of just 11 months, the prefabricated 1951 Dome of Discovery, designed by architect Ralph Tubbs for the Festival of Britain, lives on as a lost cultural icon.

maya lin

Q&A with Architectural Designer and Artist Maya Lin

The artist, designer, and architect takes us through her formative years as a maker, her dedication to environmental art, and the joys of furniture design.

street smarts kitchen full view

Don't Let the Sign Fool You, This Old Storefront is a Home

A creative couple transforms an old Toronto storefront in Dundas West into a home and studio.

passive voice stairs

A Sustainable Brownstone Transformation in Brooklyn

How do you make a Brooklyn brownstone more sustainable? First, get rid of the brownstone.

edgeland house pool

A Home Fit for a Science Fiction Writer

On Austin’s outskirts, an author's bunker-style home redefines modern city living.

Extension house exterior rectangle crop.

This Minimal Addition Looks Magical in the Belgian Forest

A little extra square footage comes in the form of a glassed-in addition with a stellar view.

hald strand

A Playful Summer Home with Some Serious Angles

This architect thinks of everything for his summer escape, pizza oven included.

dialogue house

This House Doesn't Hold Back and Embraces the Desert

At the base of Echo Mountain in Phoenix, a geometric home by Wendell Burnette opens up to the surrounding desert landscape.

modern treehouse

A Modern Treehouse in Belgium

Design firm Baumraum’s modern tree house in Belgium sparks a dialogue about nature and architecture.