Japan Style

September 2011,
Vol. 11
Issue 09
Japan Style September 2011 cover
A Modern Take on East Meets West

Extended Content

Juli Daoust and John Baker of Mjolk

Design Shop Visit: Mjölk in Toronto

This Canadian duo searches out top Scandinavian and Japanese designs and brings their best finds back to this Toronto shop.

Marimekko factory interior in Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki Ink

Step inside Marimekko’s printing factory for a look at how its iconic textiles come to life.

Modern home in Scotland with Japanese and Scottish influences

A Piece of Home

Made of hardy Scottish materials and holding a Japanese heart, this Edinburgh house shows that two architects from disparate cultures can design a home that bridges the gap.

Façade with custom cedar windows and wooden dowels

Almost Perfect

Inspired by tansu chests and raw materials that show patina, a pair of Sydney-based architects renovated their own home—slowly.

sherman residence

New Prospects

A Brooklyn architect shows what a little elbow grease, a healthy dose of naïveté, and a decade can accomplish.

Charred wood facade of a modern house in The Netherlands

Second to None

With House 2.0, architect Pieter Weijnen demonstrates the exponential rate at which green design is advancing.

Modern house with a charred cedar façade in Southern California

An Atypical Modern Home in Southern California

If good fences make good neighbors, then Shino and Ken Mori are the best neighbors ever. They invite us past the charred cedar facade of their Southern California home. 

Modern workspace desks

Dwell Reviews 6 Modern Desks

The right workspace can transform your creative life. Dwell puts six desks to the test. 

Sendai earthquake illustration by Mark Giglio

Inspiration Nation

Writer Lisa Katayama sees innovation triumphing over tragedy in Japan in the wake of the Sendai earthquake.

Katsura Imperial Villa in Kyoto, Japan

Eastern Promise

A 400-year-old icon of Japanese design inspires generations of modern architects.