Smaller is Smarter

May 2007,
Vol. 07
Issue 06
Dwell May 2007 cover
Homes Under 1000 Square Feet
plastic chairs expert rashid karim heller bellini arco bellini chair

Karim Rashid Reviews 4 Luxury Plastic Chairs

I want to say one word to you. Just one word. Plastics. 

carmel house living room

Universal Appeal

When David Carmel decided to propose to Kirsten Axelsen, he was at home in Manhattan and she was in Ethiopia, working to eliminate trachoma (the world’s leading cause of preventable blindness).

one space house living room  0

Living Room

When Im and David Schafer moved in together they faced the challenge of combining the contents of David’s 880-square-foot loft and Im’s 550-square-foot apartment into a one-room,…

hill house living area  0

Stripped Ease

All of the money Barbara Hill poured into remodeling her 1960s condo in Houston was spent taking things out—and she couldn’t be happier.

engawa house street view

Family Style

When a Japanese couple asked architects Takaharu and Yui Tezuka to design a small home that would evoke the Italian love of food, informal gatherings, and natural settings, the result was la dolce…

indoor garden and herb kits assortment view b

Indoor Garden Kits

Dear Dwell, I'd like to grow edible herbs and plants, but since I live in a tiny apartment with no outdoor space, I'm looking for a garden I can grow on my kitchen counter. Can you help?

la tour des bebelles exterior

Canadian Beacon

When most people think of locations for a holiday home, they have visions of beaches, golf courses, spas, and chalets.

architectural movements manifesto destiny

Manifesto Destiny

There is a pivotal point at which an idea becomes a conversation, a conversation turns into a conspiracy, and a conspiracy foments a movement.

architectural movements the arts and crafts movement 1

The Arts and Crafts Movement

Manifesto: William Morris, “The Lesser Arts of Life” (1877)

architectural movements the futurist movement

The Futurist Movement

Manifesto: F.T. Marinetti, “The Founding and Manifesto of Futurism” (1909)

architectural movements the modern movement

The Modern Movement

Manifestos: Le Corbusier, “Towards a New Architecture” (1923)Walter Gropius, “The Theory and Organization of the Bauhaus” (1923)

architectural movements the postmodern movement

The Postmodern Movement

Manifesto: Robert Venturi, “Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture” (1966)

architectural movements the new urbanism movement

The New Urbanism Movement

Manifestos: Jane Jacobs, The Death and Life of Great American Cities (1961), Congress for the New Urbanism, “Charter of the New Urbanism” (1993)

architectural movements the deconstructivism and digital design movements  0

The Deconstructivism and Digital Design Movements

Manifesto: Philip Johnson and Mark Wigley, “Deconstructivist Architecture” (1988)

architectural movements the eco design movement

The Eco-Design Movement

Manifesto: Bruce Sterling, “Viridian Design Speech” (1998)

playgrounds jp sapporo odori park noguchi black slide mantra

Structured Play

Two of the country’s most creative and thoughtful playground designers—architect Richard Dattner and landscape architect M.

architectural movements thumbnail1

101 Architectural Movements

Which comes first, the movement or the manifesto? From Arts and Crafts to eco-design, a 7-step guide to design movements.

o neal jennifer portrait

Art Start

Curatorial manager Jennifer Strate O’Neal calls Creative Growth Art Center the “homestead” of a now-flourishing creative community in Oakland, California.

mike perry complex story

A Complex Story

My father’s prefabricated housing project, Habitat ’67, broke ground in April of 1965.