Homes With History

June 2007,
Vol. 07
Issue 07
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Mixing Modern With Tradition
mcdonald house exterior night

Modern Victorian House Preservation in Oakland

Mike McDonald, an Oakland, California–based builder, faced a common problem for Bay Area homeowners: an aesthetically pleasing, historically significant, but structurally shaky Victorian.

farnham rice house living room

Mid-Century Mash-Up

Although postwar California modernism is generally associated with Southern California, the Bay Area’s own tradition has begun in recent years to be more widely acknowledged, and its surviving…

mikulionis house living room stairs

Palace Intrigue

In the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, architect Rytis Mikulionis spent several years property hunting for his first nesting ground and finally ended up inside a former Soviet army barrack, which was,…

martin house exterior back view

Modern Rowhouse Renovation in New York

With a little faith and a lot of foresight, Keisha Martin entrusted Laura Briggs and Jonathan Knowles to revitalize a derelict rowhouse, returning it to its original splendor and then some.

sempe bougeoirs for baccarat

Plain and Sempé

A maker of unfussy, elegant design objects, Inga Sempé delights in things both great and small—even if she doesn’t own any.

dog beds assortment

Dog Beds

Dear Dwell: Our dog is spending more time in bed than my husband; I think its time to get her one of her own. Can you recommend designs that a pampered pup will enjoy?

the nomad yurt frame green

The Country's Best Yurt

Lakes of ink have been spilled over a peculiarly American wanderlust, whether it’s our ancestors’ push westward or our current penchant for cross-country moves at the drop of a promotion,…

carry on bags expert flight 001 sencion john

All Aboard!

While styles, and items in the overhead compartment, may shift, these comely carry-ons will make you feel like a member of the jetset, even on JetBlue.

john sencion flight 001

A Note on Our Expert: John Sencion

John Sencion is “cocaptain” of Flight 001, the travel store that is every frequent flyer’s jet dream.

spa hot tub sanfrancisco california noe valley lord james wyllie roderick open far

Stoked to Soak

Compelling custom solutions to off-the-shelf problems are often hard to come by. But landscape architects James A.

buttenwieser anne floating pool barge arial

Pooling Our Resources

After disappearing almost 70 years ago, the New York floating pool is making a comeback.

garrett morin somerville

Stuck Inside of Somerville

In the late winter of 2003, I watched out my window as a fuel truck idled below, belching black smoke.